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арт школа
Inga PerovStill-life. Oil on canvas. 50x60. 2005
Inga PerovBread. Oil on canvas. 60x80. 2005
Inga PerovPeonies. Oil on canvas. 60x40. 2005
Elena SamokhalovaHydrangea. Oil on canvas. 90x70. 2007
Elena SamokhalovaLilac. Oil on canvas. 90x70. 2007
Elena SamokhalovaChurch. Oil on canvas. 60x80. 2005
Study programs for children and adults – designed for students of various level of artistic skills. Each student is approached individually, sufficient time and attention are allocated for the achievement of the set result.

Studies are done in a group under an individual program, compiled after the preliminary interview.

In the context of the individual approach, teacher is set with a non-trivial task – aid the student in achievement of specific, personal aims in the process of study.

Enrollment to groups is done all year round.

Picture - 714 hours
Painting (gouache, acryl, tempera, oil) - 1326 hours
Composition - 544 часа
Decorative applied arts - 680 hours
History of arts - 408 hours
Perspective - 45 hours
Color science - 30 hours
Modeling - 144 часа
Water-color painting - 236 hours
Anatomy - 200 hours

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