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арт школа

Painting on silk - this is a fascinating and beautiful art. Huge selection of different paints, dyes, pigments and other chemicals that make up the arsenal of art master of painting on fabric, and helps the artist to create most complex works in various styles and directions. Softness of silk, flowing paint - this type of decorative art is simply capturing. Painting on silk provides countless opportunities to create unique art fabrics which can be used as decorative, and functional products. Delightful scarf, decorative panels, elegant card - all of these creations will bring joy to their creator and those to whom he gives them. Techniques of batik execution are different.

Batik – batik – Indonesian word. Translated from the Indonesian word "ba" - means the cotton fabric and "tik" - "point" or "drop". Batik technique is based on the fact that the rubber glue, wax, and some other resins and varnishes, as they are applied to the fabric, do not let paint through, reserving certain areas of fabric from the paint.

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